Fond Memories of the Command Line

I remember that when I first started coding with Python, I tried to make a command line that could manage students. And to be honest, it was a total failure.

Though I felt really accomplished at the time.

You can take a look at the code here. (Not recommended)

I used my own complete system of command parsing without at all harnessing the power of cmd… Maybe I should have done a little bit of research before doing the task.

Also, there is no help command! Normal CLIs have help commands that help users understand each of the commands and their arguments / options. However, mine simply didn’t have anything, so when I started to use it today it ended up like this:


This is frustrating.

And the UI was quite unhumane. To edit a student, you have to enter his/her ID in the database. However, the ID isn’t revealed to the user after the user is created! Plus, there is no “list students” function.

In conclusion, studentAdmin.py is 👎👎👎. (That’s why it’s not a GitHub Gist.)

But I learned.